Original SILVERIA® is characterised by its high quality and dense branching. By selecting its own genetics, optimum cultivation conditions and a long cultivation period, this evergreen small shrub can lignify at the base - this makes SILVERIA® particularly robust and durable.


  • Family: Asteraceae
  • Location: Sunny to semi-shade
  • Height of growth: 30 – 100 cm
  • Casting: moderate, avoid stagnant moisture
  • Winter hard: conditionally (until approx. -6˚C / EU Zone 9-8)

SILVERIA® should spend the winter as frost-free and light as possible, as it is only conditionally hardy in winter - a semi-shady to sunny location is optimal.

In spring, SILVERIA® should then be trimmed back slightly and supplied with long-term fertiliser. Otherwise, loose garden soil or well-drained perennial substrate will suffice as a breeding ground and occasional watering without waterlogging.


SILVERIA® captivates with its unique structure, offers good optical contrast and can be combined with any plant. Thanks to its silver-grey leaves and blossom-white stems, it creates sophisticated accents and conjures something very special out of every pot and bedding composition.

Originally from Australia, the Olearia species is used for seasonal planting in flower beds and tubs. Thanks to its shoot length and long shelf life, it is ideal for use in floristry.

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